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Our Vision

To help parents manage, track and optimize kids’ trips through smart and efficient solutions.
We will help parents ensure their kids’ safety during their trips with schools or other social activities.
Our solution is focused on Schools. We help schools provide a smart, safe and convenient transportation service. Learn more about how it works below.

How It Works

Follow my kid offers a smart, safe and convenient trip tracking for your kid’s school bus. It provides an ecosystem of three separate apps, for the parent, the driver and the school.
The driver app broadcasts GPS location of the bus and facilitates communication with parents.
The Parent app receives live updates of bus GPS location as well as notifications upon arrival to school.
School Administration Panel gives visibility and control over all trip routes, buses, drivers and kids.
To learn more about each component’s features, please check each app section from the menu on the left.

Parent App

Made For You

Does your kid sometimes miss the school bus?
Or wait for it for a long time alone in the street?
Follow my Kid will help you smartly track and communicate with the school bus,
So they’ll never miss the bus and you’ll be assured about their safety every day.
  • Track your kids through every step of the trip.
  • A live view map with the position of the bus
  • Schedule your kids absence.
  • Know when the kids are picked up by the bus.
  • Contact the driver easily.
  • Immediate indication when the driver connection is lost.
  • Invite another parnent (bigger brother or sister or grandpa) to follow the same kids.
  • Adjust a pre-arrival time or distance to get notified when the bus approaches.

Driver App

Assisting The Driver

Help the driver to have a Prior knowledge of the kid absence and alert the parents when he is near, This will eliminate the bus waiting time and increase driving efficiency.
  • listing of kids absence and attendance.
  • Poke the parents when you are close.
  • live status tab for the students’ attendance of the bus.
  • Shows the nearest kid and the parent’s contact.
  • Easy access to all parents phone contacts.
  • Mark kid absent if he didn’t show-up.

School Administration

Empowering the school with a united desktop panel that allows them to keep track of Students and Bus whereabouts during trips, allowing the school to provide and continue developing a better, safe and Convenient student transportation service.
  • A user-friendly digital solution, that manages buses, students, and drivers.
  • Live Tracking of all ongoing trips.
  • Real-time status with the student buses absence and attendance.
  • Recorded history for all previous trips.
  • Pre-set the routes will give the ability to switch drivers between routes easily.


St Fatima is a well recognized school, it serves around 4000 students and 42 buses, FMK helps our parents track their kids, And schedule their absence which definitely make the trip time optimal for the students and the school.
 FMK is an amazing app all of our parents are very satisfied with it.

St Fatima School

The app is more than perfect, It includes all the features you would need for an app like this.
Now I feel more safe about my kids and checking on them every now and then is more than great. My evaluation for the app is excellent.

A Parent, Qaitbay Language School

Before FMK we had problems that in some places the bus couldn’t wait for the kids, or parents would sometimes wait for a while until the bus arrives, FMK made this a lot easier, it notifies the parents a few minutes before the bus arrives that way they could wait as little as possible.

A Bus Matron, Leaders International College

One of the important features in the program is enabling the parent to schedule his kid’s absence, therefore the bus supervisor doesn’t pass by the absent student, which saves time and shorten the time of the round and help the students to always arrive in their locations.

Operations Manager, Pioneer for Student Transportation Services

Contact / Demo

If you are a school board member and would like to setup a demo, feel free to send us here.
If you are a parent and want to follow your kid now, introduce us to your school administration, and we will do the rest.
OR If you got any questions feel free to contact us.

I would like to schedule a demo.